Do You Qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits?

If you are injured on the job, workers compensation benefits may be available to you. Workers may qualify for these benefits if they are injured and need medical attention and time off from work. However, certain requirements must be met to attain the benefits. What are those requirements?

Classified as an Employee of the Company

First, the injured worker must be classified as an employee. This usually means that gig workers and independent contractors do not qualify for workers comp benefits, however, a few exceptions do apply.

Employer Must Have Workers Comp Insurance

Second, the employer must have workers compensation insurance. By law, most employers are required to carry this coverage, but not all. Check the New York workers compensation laws or talk to a lawyer to learn more.

Work Related Injury

Third, the injury must be work related. This means that the injury must have been caused while working on a paid job. The injured person must also get medical attention from an approved doctor who will then provide a workers comp doctor evaluation in York to assess the injuries.

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Follow All Guidelines

Fourth, the injured employee must follow all guidelines in reporting the injury. There are deadlines in place. Finally, the worker must attend all medical appointments, examinations, and treatments. Failure to adhere to these appointments can result in discontinuation of benefits if a person is approved or denial of benefits.

Talk to a Lawyer First

Workers compensation is often complicated. Most people do not understand the laws and complex terms that come along with workers compensation laws. That is why talking to an attorney is so important. When you have an attorney by your side, it is easy to make the right decisions and get the benefits that you qualify for even sooner.