How to Prime Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 30s

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Women are having babies later in life these days because they realize they can do it all. They can have careers, relationships, dreams, and goals, while still having time to be a mom if they want to be.

However, women of any age, especially in their 30s and beyond, should prime their bodies for the chaos and beauty that comes with pregnancy. The experience can be both amazing and tumultuous, beginning with a checkup for preconception at a doctor’s office. This checkup will alert you to any problems and let you know if fertility treatments in Rock Hill, or other cities, might become a viable option for you.

Aside from a doctor’s visit, other ways you can prime your body for a healthy pregnancy include:

Quit Your Bad Habits Now Before They Become a Problem During Your Pregnancy

Alcohol and nicotine are two of the worst things you can put into your body. Smoking is especially bad for your health. That includes vapes because no amount of nicotine or addictive chemical should be introduced to your bloodstream, particularly during pregnancy. Whatever bad habits could compromise your pregnancy are the ones you should quit.

Begin Taking Prenatal Vitamins to Reap the Benefits

Prenatal vitamins, especially with folic acid, have the following benefits to your body and mind: 

·    Folic acid will improve your hair and nails.

·    Prenatal vitamins prepare your breasts for feeding and the production of milk.

·    Vitamin B6 soothes your stomach, making it easier to withstand morning sickness and queasiness.

·    Vitamin A improves your eyesight and promotes healthy skin cells.

Side tip: When you feel better mentally, you feel better physically, and vice versa. Live healthfully regardless of impending pregnancy and your body will naturally be prepped to make a healthy baby.

Essentially, taking care of your health — mind and body, is enough preparation for a healthy pregnancy, regardless of your age. You have to put yourself first health-wise before you can safely ensure the health of a little one.