What Kind of Massage Would Work Best to Help You Relax and Unwind?

There are at least a dozen different massage methods to consider when you want something to unwind your nerves and relax your muscles. The beginning of your journey to calm starts with a search for a massage near me in Monclair NJ. From there, you will have your pick of massage therapists, all well versed in how to bring peace to your mind and mellowness to your muscles.

Different massage methods are employed for different people with different needs. The location of your discomfort plays a huge role in what kind of massage you get. This article will cover a few massage methods, as well as how they might be beneficial in helping you to relax and unwind.

Deep Tissue Massage: The Original Stress Reliever

This massage method is one of the most popular and original stress relievers. Deep tissue involved steady applied pressure in deep, slow motions on areas of your body. The strokes massage the stress out of connective tissues and relieve tension from underlying muscles.

Swedish Massage: The Most Common Method

Known as a classic massage, the Swedish massage is a form of deep tissue but gentler. It relies on circular motions to an affected area to encourage relaxation. This is a good option for anyone that thinks traditional deep tissue massages are too hard or uncomfortable.

Hot Stone Massage: To Relax You Further

During hot stone massages, smooth stones are heated before being placed on pressure points along your body. The pressure and heat help alleviate pain and inflammation, while the ensuing massage helps relieve tension and encourage healing of connective tissues.

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When going in for a massage, make sure you are upfront and honest about what ails you. Massage therapists can customize a massage to meet your needs, but you have to be specific about where your discomfort is coming from.